The Beauty Emporium

Eat Yourself Younger

To get the best from our diet we need to choose the right food-natural, fresh and unadulterated.  These will give our body the means to keep healthy and to function efficiently which in turn will make us feel fitter and look younger. So eat foods with plenty of:


Vitamin B:  to maintain your nervous system and increase brain power.


Vitamins C & E:  to maintain a strong immune system, helps to maintain a good complexion and counteracts free-radical damage.


Vitamin A:  will also boost your immune system; give you a glowing skin and great sparkling eyes.


Vitamin E:  helps protect the heart, moisturizes the skin and help to prevent memory loss.


Calcium: will help to preserve bone strength.


Zinc: will promote hair growth


Omega -3 and Omega-6: will help protect against heart disease, better brain function, and will give you clear glowing skin.


Potassium:  helps reduce blood pressure and will give you a steady heartbeat.


Iron: prevents a pale complexion developing and stops that lacklustre hair look.


Sulphur: promotes healthy hair, nails and skin.


Selenium: gives protection against damage caused by the sun, helps avoid wrinkles and can give you a good rich hair.


Silica: for healthy bones and skin.


Calcium/magnesium: helps fragile splitting nails.


Science is now proving that the food we eat can slow down the aging process, both inside and outside of our body. Yes a healthy diet is the basis for a long life and is the key to looking youthful no matter what our age.