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Best 10 Skin Cleansers

Just a few lines of information some of which you probably know anyway. A cleanser is a product that is used to clean makeup from your face and skin including dead skin cells and dirt. This assists in unclogging pores and helps to prevent some skin conditions – acne comes to mind. Usually a skin care program consists of a cleanser, a toner and a moisturizer.

Of course in the past many people used soap as a face cleanser but soap is not a particularly good choice because it is not specially designed for that purpose.

Bar soap will usually have a high 9-10 level of pH but the surface of your skin will be only about 5 pH . This may lead to the growth of some types of bacteria such as acne and can also clog your pores.

Also soap of this kind can remove the natural oils from your skin again leading to problems.

Types of facial cleansers

Of course there are many different types of cleansers just as there are different types of skin.

For those with oily skins active cleansers are needed to stop breakouts however these may irritate and overdue dry skin and may even make the situation worse.

If your skin is very dry you might need a milk- like creamy lotion cleanser. For normal or oily skin there are these are too mild to be effective but dry skin will require much less cleaning power.

In fact for a sensitive, dry or dehydrated skin an alcohol-free cleanser would be preferred.

Many cleansers might include essential oils or fragrances but you need to be wary of these products because they can irritate the skin and you can have an allergic reaction. If you are sensitive like that then you should find a cleanser that is Ph-balanced and contains less possible irritants and wont leave your skin feeling dehydrated directly after you have cleaned it...

If, for instance, your skin feels tight and uncomfortable it may be dehydrated and may appear glossy after cleansing, some cleansers can make the skin feel tight and that the surface of your skin has been stripped off. Remember cleansers should work with your skin so you should stop using any product that upsets the balance.

It is true to say that finding the right cleanser for you may only be through trial and error.